The Tororo forum for people living with HIV and AIDS Networks (TOFPHANET) is a registered district advocacy network and membership based organization founded in 2005 that exists to give visibility to people living with HIV and AIDS (PLHIV).


TOFPHANET believes that gender inequalities and the lack of sexual & reproductive health rights for people living with HIV are at the heart of the HIV epidemic. Our advocacy is based on evidence of our daily lived experiences and we use participatory processes to address the priorities of persons living with HIV, including young people, from grassroots.


TOFPHANET is registered with district registry under certificate of registration and incorporation with number YT/40538 in the index of registration as an umbrella organization for people living with HIV to provide systematic and all inclusive coordination structure for PLHIV networks, associations and support groups in order to play advocacy, policy and decision making roles in the HIV& AIDS partnership.

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​​Call us:

+256 702 581535

​Find us: 

C/O Sacred Heart Parish​

PO Box 164



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